Sunday, March 5, 2017

SMPS for audio

SMPS for audio use - now how often do you see a SMPS (switch mode power supply) that is meant for HIFI audio use? So called audiophile grade SMPS?

What are sold online are mostly SMPS mean for NON-audio usage, such as LED drivers, machine power supplies, and such. What we have here, are specifically designed to work with audio amplifiers, and they can accept HIGH CAPACITANCE LOADS!

For 800W version, for +/-70V version: 470,000UF is acceptable; for +/-35V version: 950,000UF is acceptable.
For 600W version,  for +/-70V version: 350,000UF is acceptable; for +/-35V version: 710,000UF is acceptable. 

Model: P800 SMPS U$150/pc
* Input: AC200-240V, or AC100-120V (please specify when ordering) 
* Output 1 (main): +/-70V5.5A (default)
* Output 2: +/-12V 0.5A
* Output 3: +12V 0.5A
* Acceptable output: +10V to +80V; +/-10V to +/-80V

* Regulation: main unloaded +10%, loaded +/-3%; secondary +/-20%, loaded +/-15% (under AC 220V, 400W load)
* Continuous power: 400W - 500W (25 degC ambient)
* Maximum power: 800W (25 degC ambient, can operate continuously ~5min) 
* Instantaneous power: 1200W (under dynamic music load, <100ms)
* Efficiency: <=95%
* Operating temp: -10 degC - 40 degC
* Storage temp: -30 degC - 85 degC
* Size: 80mm x 145mm x 45mm H

Model: P600 SMPS U$120/pc
* Input: AC200-240V
* Output 1 (main): +/-55V 5A
* Output 2: +/- 12V 0.5A
* Output 3: 12V 0.5A (can be customized) 
* Regulation: main unloaded +/-10%, loaded +/-3%; secondary +/-15%, loaded +/-15% (under AC 220V)
* Continuous power: 300W (25 degC ambient)
* Maximum power: 600W (25 degC ambient, can operate continuously ~5min) 
* Instantaneous power: 900W (under dynamic music load, <100ms)
* Efficiency: <=95%
* Operating temp: -10 degC - 40 degC
* Storage temp: -30 degC - 85 degC
* Size: 70mm x 140mm x 40mm H

Our SMPS employs LLC resonant half bridge switching, possessing high efficiency conversion rate, low interference, excellent dynamic response, stable output and etc. It has over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection function - a perfect match for high end amplifiers. 

Note: product outlook may change by batch to batch.  

Based on the measured waveforms, the primary operating voltage is sinusoidal, from 80kHz to 148kHz, with very standard and smooth sinusoidal waves.

Power supply ground versus mains ground, amplifier ground versus mains ground, both waveform are smooth, without obvious ringing and interference.The incoming mains are perfect and is not affected by the power supply.

FYI: The 50Hz wave are coupled from the Y-class capacitors.

Pin definitions:
L / NC / N: AC mains input, L-live, N-neutral, NC - not connected

V+: +70V
GND: output ground
V-: -70V

FV+: +12V
G: FV+/- common, not connected to main ground, floating
FV-: -12V

DV+ / DV-: floating +12V, potential to ground cannot be >+/-150V

Protect: protection circuit, floating input, potential to ground cannot be >+/-150V, effective at 3-15V, response time ~100ms, once triggered, SMPS will be switched off. Need to power-off 5 mins to resume normal operation.

Warming: these are mains rated SMPS, use with precaution, and at your own risk


Friday, December 9, 2016

WE D162065

1952 New In Box Input Transformer Western Electric D162065 - 2 pairs

* same batch same year same month
* 150: 75K step up
* U$1390 / pair
* 2 pairs only
* Very, very RARE, once in a life time!

Western Electric WE 640A

Western Electric MC step up transformer
* 640A (40x and 20x step-up)
* 1 set only - U$1290/set

Western Electric WE 111C

Western Electric WE 111C input transformers

  • Can be used as passive preamp or for isolation use
  • Increase dynamics and resolution
  • Midrange warmth to die for 
  • 2 sets only

RCA input, RCA output  - U$890 / set
Balance input, balanced output, U$990 / set
Raw transformers (1 pair) - U$590 (1 set only)

  • Original Western Electric WE 111C, matched
  • Western Electric wires for internal connection
  • Neutrik NC3MD-LX-B connectors
  • Taiwan RCA gold plated pure copper plugs
  • Solid chassis: 170mm W 150mm H 258mm D, 8mm thickness front plate
  • Weight: 6KG
  1. CD / DAC -> 111C -> integrated
  2. CD / DAC -> 111C -> preamp -> power amp
  3. Can be used as balance to single ended conversion too 

User pics

Raw transformers WE 111C (1 pair only)

SE to Balance conversion

G.E.C. Input Transformer

G.E.C. Audio Input Transformers

48A input transformer from United Kingdom (6 unit left)
  • U$490/nit
  • 600:600.
  • Measured response 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • In chassis size: 70mm H x 100mm D x 160mmW
  • Weight: 1.9KG
48H input transformer from United Kingdom (3 unit left)
  • U$590/unit
  • 600:1200 (step up)
  • Measured response 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • In chassis size: 136mm H x 205mm D x 90mmW
  • Weight: 2.1KG
This can be used as a passive preamp with output transformer. This provides excellent isolation between source and destination.

  • Break ground loop / isolation / remove hum
  • Step-up or step down signal (too much or too less gain)
  • Increase analog sound, reduced sibilant, increase warmth, smoothing sound, better vocals, better emotion
Many has tested with excellent results. These transformers came from G.E.C. audio equipment. It is no longer made! While stock last! 



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