Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Icepower Amplifier

Icepower ICE125ASX2 and ICE50ASX2

  • fully integrated, intelligent audio power conversion solution designed particularly for highly competitive consumer and professional audio products.
  • protected against short-circuit, overload and over-heating and includes onboard fuses and EMI filtering to provide a CE and FCC pre-approved design.
ICE125ASX2 - U$450
  • 125W x2 @ 4 Ohm, Single Ended
  • THD+N 0.003%
  • Maximum current draw 30A, minimum load 3 Ohm (SE)
  • 16cm x 8cm (module size)
  • Fully built with power switch, speaker binding posts, RCA sockets, IEC
ICE50ASX2 - U$350
  • 50W x2 @ 4 Ohm, Single Ended
  • THD+N 0.003%
  • Maximum current draw 20A, minimum load 2 Ohm (SE)
  • 11cm x 8cm (module size)
  • Fully built with power switch, speaker binding posts, RCA sockets, IEC

Icepower 125ASX2

Icepower 125ASX2 power amplifier

Icepower 125ASX2 Power Amp

Icepower 50ASX2

Icepower 50ASX2 Power Amp Module

Icepower 50ASX2 Power Amplifier

  • Upgrades available - better casing, upgrade to WBT / Furutech speaker binding posts / RCA connectors, Furutech / IEGO IEC power connectors, Furutech / Mundorf / PCOCC internal wiring
  • Other sizes (power rating) - please email us.
  • Lead time - ~2-3 weeks
Details of the Icepower modules can be found here:

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Western Electric King Snake Power Cord

Western Electric King Snake Power Cord

High current high power Western Electric King Snake Power Cord is made for audiophiles seeking for grand scale, authority and unlimited power delivery. It is very suitable to be used for high power amplifiers or power distributors.

* Uses Western Electric 14mm2 wax cable

* Finished cable is ~22mm diameter 
* Weights ~1.5KG a piece
* Uses used hospital grade Hubbell 8215C and high current OFC sockets/pluges
* Limited quantity due to scarcity of the 14mm2 Western Electric wax cable 

2M length, U$220/pc

Important notes:
* This WE cable is thicker and harder due to the size of the cables.
* The head and tail cannot be bent as what usual cables.
* User must reserve sufficient space at the back to enable plugging in of this WE power cable (similar to NBS power cords).

Western Electric Entre Power Cord

Western Electric Entre Power Cord

* Made with 40's Western Electric 3 core power cable
* Very limited quantity only due to scarcity of the WE power cable
* Solid core with 1.6mm diameter
* Comes with used hospital grade Hubbell 8215C and Partridge (UK) very high quality plugs/sockets
* Suitable for CD player, preamps, DAC, media players and lower power amplifiers 
* Standard Lengths (others - please write to us)
  • 1.5-1.6M (U$89)
  • 1.8M (U$99)
  • 2M (U$119)

Western Electric Wires

FYI - these are the base Western Electric wires that we used to make the Western Electric power cords, Western Electric interconnect and Western Electric speaker cables. These are old but gold. It removes the digital signature from modern electronics and improves the liquidity of the sound, thus making it more musical and let the listener immerse in the music.

Some of them are purchased from other vendors and some of them our our own stock. They are combined to work in harmony to build and enhance the Western Electric character.

Western Electric Power Cord (3-core)

High Gauge WE Power Cable

Western Electric Wax Paper Solid Core Wire

Western Electric Solder

Western Electric Stranded Wire

WE Cloth Covered Wire

Wax Paper Covered Solid 3 Core WE Wire

Solid Core Power Cable

Wax Paper Solid Core WE Signal Wire

Wax Paper Cover WE Wire

WE Signal Wires

WE Wax Oil Wire

Wax Paper Covered WE Wires

Western Electric Wires

WE Switch Board Wire

Friday, June 3, 2016

Isolation Transformer

Toyozumi TZ22-300A2 Isolation Transformer

Clearance Price: U$169 / pc - new old stock (10 units only) 
(Original price is over 3-4x).

  • Multiple inputs - 180V - 240V
  • Multiple outputs - 200 - 240V
  • Grade A insulation 
  • Electrostatic shield 
  • Capacity - 300VA 
  • Tolerance +/- 5%
  • Regulation 7% or better
  • Weight 4.7KG
Excellent to use 1 unit per equipment for the best effects!

All products carry 1 year free after sales services. Tubes has 3 months warranty only. If you leave good comments at our pages to help with our sales via words of mouth: for 100 words, you get 6 months tubes warranty; for 150 words, you get 2 year free services.

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