Friday, December 9, 2016

WE D162065

1952 New In Box Input Transformer Western Electric D162065 - 2 pairs

* same batch same year same month
* 150: 75K step up
* U$1390 / pair
* 2 pairs only
* Very, very RARE, once in a life time!

Western Electric WE 640A

Western Electric MC step up transformer
* 640A (40x and 20x step-up)
* 1 set only - U$1290/set

Western Electric WE 111C

Western Electric WE 111C input transformers

  • Can be used as passive preamp or for isolation use
  • Increase dynamics and resolution
  • Midrange warmth to die for 
  • 2 sets only

RCA input, RCA output  - U$890 / set
Balance input, balanced output, U$990 / set
Raw transformers (1 pair) - U$590 (1 set only)

  • Original Western Electric WE 111C, matched
  • Western Electric wires for internal connection
  • Neutrik NC3MD-LX-B connectors
  • Taiwan RCA gold plated pure copper plugs
  • Solid chassis: 170mm W 150mm H 258mm D, 8mm thickness front plate
  • Weight: 6KG
  1. CD / DAC -> 111C -> integrated
  2. CD / DAC -> 111C -> preamp -> power amp
  3. Can be used as balance to single ended conversion too 

User pics

Raw transformers WE 111C (1 pair only)

SE to Balance conversion

G.E.C. Input Transformer

G.E.C. Audio Input Transformers

48A input transformer from United Kingdom (6 unit left)
  • U$490/nit
  • 600:600.
  • Measured response 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • In chassis size: 70mm H x 100mm D x 160mmW
  • Weight: 1.9KG
48H input transformer from United Kingdom (3 unit left)
  • U$590/unit
  • 600:1200 (step up)
  • Measured response 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • In chassis size: 136mm H x 205mm D x 90mmW
  • Weight: 2.1KG
This can be used as a passive preamp with output transformer. This provides excellent isolation between source and destination.

  • Break ground loop / isolation / remove hum
  • Step-up or step down signal (too much or too less gain)
  • Increase analog sound, reduced sibilant, increase warmth, smoothing sound, better vocals, better emotion
Many has tested with excellent results. These transformers came from G.E.C. audio equipment. It is no longer made! While stock last! 



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